Monday, 4 April 2016

One of my favorite crafts...

I made these a few years ago now.  If you are an avid Stampin' Up! crafter then you will know this, seeing as they haven't sold fabric in a while!  :-)

I used two sheets out of the three in the SU fabric packs and a fabric adhesive sheet (purchased at Fabricville here in Halifax) between them.  Simple to iron it when it is THAT easy! Then straight stitching every so often to make 10 (ten) even marker slots.  I added ribbon to one end that can tie the package closed when the lid is folder over and the entire thing is rolled together like a jelly roll.  :-)

I have one of these for every colour family.  At first they were my main marker storage as I bought my markers by family and for some strange reason you can't get SU storage for them if you buy them that way!!  WHAT?!   ;-) I made my own. HA!

Since then I have been able to purchase the entire marker set (and therefore have a case!) and now these fabulous packs are my class/workshop marker storage and it is great!  I have a new (not so new now!) set of markers for home crafting and an almost whole set for classes/workshops.  YAY!!

Thought I would share as I have been using these a lot as of late and they are super easy to make!

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