Saturday, 30 May 2015

Time for some fibre arts!!

I know that it has turned into a beautiful spring, getting warmer and warmer everyday.  However, I actually like this time of year for knitting smaller projects.  
I am always knitting.  I have 4 WIP (works in progess) at the moment!!  I enjoy having small projects going in the summer so that I don't get too hot when I knit.  I save the fall/winter for my bigger projects so that I stay warm!  LOL  The scrapghan that I put together this past winter was kept my warm while I crocheted!!  :-)

This past winter I was looking for new hats.  I don't look at a store....I head on over to and find my faves there!!
I have fallen in love with The Velvet Acorn.  Her patterns are totally YUMMY!!  Take a look here...

This was the first of the hats that I made.  Thick yarn, (I used lion brand thick and quick) and I thought I would try a colour that I don't usually.  Me likey!

The brim doesn't stay in place as much as I would like but I still love it and I wore it tons!!!

Have fun browsing ravelry and The Velvet Acorn.  In creating this post and finding the links for it I have already found 4 more of her patterns that I NEEEEEEED to try! :-)