Saturday, 16 May 2015

Happy BELATED Easter?!?!

These past few posts and projects were all done around mid/end of March when I fell ill.  I had the projects done but then did not get a chance to post them.  I still wanted to because, well, they were SOOOOOO fun to make!!!    They are also still great ideas.  Pin them and save them for when you need some inspiration.  
I saw this idea on Pinterest and it took me to a Fiskars site tutorial.  SOoooo, I made my own and a video to go along with it. 

Here are some pics of my Awesome Easter Garland!

I did all the cutting first, which helped.  Assembly is easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Cutest carrot EVER!!

I had so much fun putting this together!!!


This was a such a fun, easy project to do.  Once the cutting it done it would be great to have the kids help as well.  If they are old enough, show them the steps and they can make their own!!  So cool!

Unfortunately I didn't not get to hang this up for the holiday.  I fell ill at the end of March and was wiped out for a good two weeks.  We celebrated a wonderful Easter, for which I am very thankful for but we did not decorate.  My son even noticed this (as we didn't deco for V-day or St. Patty's day either as deco tubbies are stored and not as accessible as usual) and was not pleased with our lack of festive paraphernalia in the house!!  I have been TOLD!!  LOL  
Thankfully I am feeling okay now and being seen by lots of specialists and taking control of my health so here's to many DECORATED holidays ahead!!  :-)