Sunday, 12 April 2015

Banner Blessing and Block Stamping

Hello all,
I apologize for my absence the past month or so.  I was SO pleased to have been on a regular blogging schedule and then I got sick!

 I have not been feeling well for a few years now but have never been able to get any answers from traditional medicine as to what may be ailing me.  Symptoms have been scattered or very vague and hard to pin down.
This past winter I was sick with a cold or flu and didn't think much of it (like some of my other signs and symptoms) but my right ear never got any better.  Really long story made kinda short, emerg visits,meds (for both ear and blood pressure), and a  week of nausea and dizziness that kept me immobile, later I have been set up with a few specialist appointments and tests. 

Still no answers.  CT scan is clear but does indicate we need other testing done. Could be anything from vertigo to tumors.  WHO KNOWS!  But at least I am on my way to hopefully finding out. 
I am not the kind to sit and wait though!!! 
SO with my medical/nutrition background I have stepped up and am going gung ho!!  I have known what has to be done but of course have always been putting myself last.  I have drastically changed my eating habits and am tackling exercise again (feeling awful be damned!) I will not wait for traditional medicine to help (when in my experience they usually don't!!)  
The changes I am deciding to make can't hurt, they can only help.  Both myself and my family.  These changes are for the better and this is bringing me back to my roots of health care and exploring more out of the box therapies to help with both my symptoms and finding out what it going on.

Now...onto the good stuff!!!
Back to stamping!
I haven't been doing new videos.  I am a few on the schedule this week for my "good days" fingers crossed!! 
I do, however, have four videos filmed but unedited. I want to get those posted for you all asap. 

Here is the first one.  Stamping with your acrylic blocks.  SOOOOOOO fun!!   A technique we did at March stamp club too.  Awesome looking cards using YOUR BLOCKS!!  TOO COOL!

Here is a sample of block stamping

And here's the video tutorial!!  :-) 

More samples to come in another post.
Happy Stamping!! 

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