Saturday, 21 March 2015


This past Wednesday we had a HUGE BLIZZARD blow through the Maritimes.
It has been a hard winter here in Nova Scotia and Old Man Winter wasn't done with us yet.
We blew White Juan (blizzard of 2003) out of the water with totals of over 65cm in our area.  The airport was reporting over 90cms in some areas of NS.

The Maritimes has broken snow fall records all winter. Oh joy.
Wednesday we hibernated and Thursday we tried to dig out.
Plows were seen clearing the main streets but even today there are some streets that haven't been touched yet.  Personal plow operators weren't even answering their phones they were so busy TRYING to clear regular customers.  The drifts in some areas were so big that plows couldn't get through. Other equipment was needed.

It has been frustrating and tiring trying to dig out but also heartwarming to see so many friends, family, neighbours and strangers helping others out.  I have heard stories of expectant mothers having neighbours rally around them to clear them out.  Plow operators stopping to help those in need on their way to other stops.  
We even had our own angel stop by!!!  A good friend with a snow blower helped us clear our LONG driveway.  Our snow blower isn't working and we couldn't get an answer from any plow operator we called.  We were out of oil (bit chilly in here!!) and the truck NEEDED to deliver. (that is a whole other story...I won't go there!)  
We are SO very thankful to our Winter Angel for helping us out. Don't know what we would have done if he hadn't shown up.

Here are some pics of the mess the blizzard left behind...

My menfolk trying to dig through the mess left by the city plows at the end of the driveway.

View from the top of the driveway.

The small path that was dug to GET to the end of the driveway.

The view out the side door to the top of the driveway and vehicles.  :-(

The front walk way.

The snow bank on the left side of our walk way.  I put the camera a eye level and I am looking UP at it.  I physically couldn't throw the snow up high enough to get it over.  I had to either throw it in front of me and keep shovelling over and over or throw it at the bank and hope that some of it stayed up there!!  LOL

Can't put the snow on the right side of the walk way....too much there already!!  

CLEARED!!  Wahoo!  We have stairs and a walk way!!   Some days it is the small things in life...

Got a walk way cleared to the back of the house and a path for the oil delivery man....if we can get the driveway done.

This is the pile at the top of the driveway.  HIGHER than the one by the walk way.  OH MAN!!

Our Winter Blizzard Angel arrived and helped us clear the driveway!!  WAHOO!


I will start packing now for our move to Bermuda once the snow melts!!  ;-)