Saturday, 28 February 2015

Storing my blendabilities....

This is a challenge for me.
Where to store them? How to store them?
Must be lying down...but they take up so much space! 

I am also not completely organized in my new craft space so that makes it even more of challenge.

WELL, I think I have found a solution!  :-)
I had some extra wood mount stamp cases...

Some left over Christmas coloured elastic ribbon...


Add to that my scissors, crop-a-dile, paper piercer,jewelry making pliers and VOILA!


I have three cases full of blendabilities!! 

First I used the crop-a-dile to punch holes in the sides of the case, two on each side.

Then on the spine of the case I used my paper piercer to mark four holes, two at one end, two at the other.  Once I marked and made small holes I used these jewelry pliers to make the holes big enough to push my elastic ribbon through.  It was all I had on hand that would work!! LOL

You want all of your holes to line up so that your elastic that goes on looks like this.

Double or triple knot all your ends so that they won't pull through the holes in your case.



They are all together, not rolling around everywhere.  They are lying down so they stay inked and they are easy to grab and use when needed.
*sigh*  works for me!!!

Try your own! 
Happy Organizing!