Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sponge Dauber Storage

I have had this picture of sponge dauber storage for a while. I found it on pinterest a while back. I recently posted it on my upline's Facebook group and found out that there are cases that you can buyfor your dauber storage.  How cool is that??  Learned something new!

I have just ordered my first packs of daubers so I am interested in finding a way to store them properly.  However, instead of just going out and buying something I am always up for coming up with creative ways to organize using items I already own.

Can you believe that I can across a pin on Pinterest (when I wasn't looking for it!) that shows you how to make your own storage case??!!   

The tutorial mentioned that you would need a wood mount stamp case, card stock, scissors and a ruler.

I have a bunch of cases already.  I cut a front page and stamped it up.  :-)  Then I hit the tutorial and made my case inserts.  It was a tad time consuming but considering I had all the supplies I needed I was very happy with the result.  Great instructions and easy to follow.  I now have a case for my daubers before they have even arrived!  LOL

Card stock on top is ready to dab with each ink and write the initals of the colour on top.  I will also use my handy dandy label maker (love that thing!!) to label each dauber when they come in.

Bottom part is a grid with enough room for each dauber

Happy stampin'!