Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Jack was SO pleased with his valentine's this year.  We went all out for his class party and brought cupcakes and chips.

Here is the tag that we attached to all the chip bags!  TOO CUTE!! 


He had suckers and cootie catchers to hand out to everyone as well.  He was tickled, the cootie catchers are all the rage right now apparently!  LOL

And instead of the same valentine for everyone we got a little of a few different items.

The printables rock!!  I love them.  Kids are not going to ohhhh and ahhhh over hand stamped valentines, so I really enjoy doing something quick, easy and economical.  
SU had a monster V-day kit last year and that was hit but this year we took a different approach.

Just in case the links do not work here you can head on over to my Facebook page to find them there.

I loved seeing how involved Jack was this year, he cut and assembled most of these himself!  ...and he didn't want a storm day today because he WANTED to go to school.  That is a BIG DEAL in this house.

Happy Valentine's Day!