Saturday, 3 January 2015

Stamp Club - Holiday Ornament Swap

I love my Stamp Club ladies!!  We have such a wonderful group of gals that get together for stamping fun every month.

Last year I suggested we so a special little something for our December club, a cookie Swap!  We each made half a dozen cookies for each participant and created SU packaging for the cookies.   We had a ballot vote on "best packaging" and I gave out a prize.  It was SO much fun.  We ALL made something different!!   ...OH and we included our recipes! YUM!

This year I suggested something a bit different.  A Christmas Ornament Swap.
Oh. My. Goodness!  You should see the ornaments these ladies came up with!!
WOW What talent we have in our group.

December Club was a hit.  I will have another post on projects and video tutorials soon but for now take a look (or drool over!) the ornaments from our swap.

Heather H.

Joanna H

Shanna B

Ann F.

Elaine R

Jackee B

Happy Stampin'!