Thursday, 1 January 2015

Faux Patina Technique - Video Tutorial!

I was just tickled when I was asked to be a technique presenter at the East Coast Stampin' Event this past November.  Well, quite nervous too, I must add!!!    
I chose to show the Faux Patina technique and I think it was  hit.  YAY!
Below are some photos of the samples that I bought along to the event so that I could really show off the technique.  
At the bottom of the blog post there is a VIDEO TUTORIAL so you can watch and learn how to create your own Faux Patina and beautiful hand made projects!!   

What a thrill to be at an event and see some of my very own work on display. 

Here I am! VERY nervous but doing my best to show the Faux Patina Technique.  :-)

Project Samples.  I tried my best to do a bit of everything.  Project Life, gift card holder, gift tag, cards, etc


  Different Colours used for the technique (watch the video and you will understand it all!)

 Steps 1, 2  and 3,4

Steps 5, 6 and the last pictures is the finished piece!

Happy Sponging!  ;-)