Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Event Display Stampers

Every year for convention, Stampin' UP! asks a number of demonstrators to create projects using the Make & Take stamp set to display on the inspiration boards at convention and share their creativity with their fellow demonstrators.

I am so excited...I have decided to enter!  I NEVER do anything like this.  I am taking the plunge, the chance that I may just have a shot at being featured at convention.  This will be my fourth year going and it would be an honour to have some of my projects on display.  *goosebumps just thinking about it*

I am quick to second guess my project quality, and picture quality but I am throwing caution to the wind and risking it all!  lol

Best part...I get to play with the make & take stamp sets!!  WAHOO!!!  That would just be TOO COOL!

The tough part....DECIDING WHAT TO SHOW THEM!! Oh my goodness, how do I narrow it down?  I love SU product and creating with it.  Some projects just grab you when you finish them and others not so much.  So that is what I started with...but I still had too many!  I tried to stay as current as I could with product.  So that helped narrow a bit.  Although some faves are oldies...but goodies.  :-)
They have asked for a bit of everything; 3 cards, 1 scrapbook page, 2 3D items.  Here it goes!  
Here are the projects that I have chosen to share.  



Loved making these cards and have fallen in love with the water colour technique all over again thanks to this years Occasions Catalogue.  Had my stampers asking to explore all the ways to bring it to life.  It was FUN!

Card in a box....HOLY MOLEY!!!   I flippin' love this card style and made SO MANY!!!    How fun is that? You get a card in the mail. Great, standard card...oh wait what is that?....POP!  ...beautiful display piece. Smiles all around.  :-)  

This card is, again, a fave.  I fell in love with this technique a while ago and just rediscovered it.  I had new club members come on board that are also scrappers and I try to accommodate both...don't want anyone feeling left out!  I really enjoy the way this could be a card or a scrap page and depending on the DSP you use it can really come to life!
This is me and my BFF and up-line at last years convention.  :-)

Scrapbook Page:

This is my first ever This & That journal.  I am not used to this way of scrapping but I quickly became enamoured with it.  I am so far behind in my scrap booking that I really enjoyed the quick fix of getting my pics in place, journaled and ready to enjoy.  I am surprised with how much I like the style too.  I am HOOKED!  This page is of my Grampie and my son.  My Grampie passed away in January and I was looking for this photo for his funeral.  My son is named after him and it would have been wonderful to share the "Two Jacks" as everyone calls them.  I searched high and low and couldn't find it.  I came home from the funeral and was putting my photo mess away and what should fall out of the pile at my feet...but the pic I was looking for all along.  I cried...and then quickly put it in my journal.  My Two Jacks.  :-)

The description asked for 1 scrapbook page but when I found pics of both kinds I didn't know which to choose!  This is from our first Christmas in our very first family home.  This is the way I am used to scrapping.  Lovely layouts!  Nostalgic!  ...both for our first Christmas in our home and the Simply Scrappin' kits!  ;-)

3D items:
These are oldies but goodies!!  Literally!  I LOVE creating gifties for my crafters and who doesn't love chocolate?  These are always a hit and I have done them up in dozens of different themes.  This was the best pic of the lot of them. (forgive the retired paper!) 
I just wish they didn't make Hershey Nuggets so hard to find here in the Maritimes...they are one HOT commodity among us stampers.  lol

This was MY FAVE PROJECT this past holiday.  WOWY WOW WOW!  I was so very pleased with the way it turned out.  I had many compliments on this one.  I also was just beside myself about this DSP.  OH, how I was sad that it would eventually leave us.  Gorgeous paper!  I didn't have the letters on hand for my big shot and was anxious to they are hand cut!  The things we do for the love of crafting.

Hope you enjoyed my Event Display Entry post.  
Thanks for checking it out!

*fingers crossed*