Monday, 14 April 2014

Envelope Punch Board

We made HUGE cards this past stamp club.  6x6 in size and no where near fitting into a standard envelope.
Never fear! Envelope Punch Board is here!!!!!!

Here are some pics of the board so you can see what it looks like....

Here are some of the envelopes that I have made since I have had the board.  
Variety of envelopes.


Timmies is on ME!

I even made an envelope CARD!  :-)

Along with my napkin fold tutorial for our club project this month I did up a little video on the envelope punch board as well.  Take a look and see just HOW FABULOUS this puppy is!!

Stay tuned I have another video coming up using this FAB tool....what I am making with it...THAT is a surprise!  :-)

Happy Stamping!

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