Wednesday, 22 January 2014

November Stamp Club Creations

'Tis the time of gift giving.  So for November Stamp Club we focused on just that!  
Using the NEW EVELOPE PUNCH BOARD  (do you have one yet? NO!?!?....head over HERE to get one, they are a MUST HAVE!!)  we created our own gift card holders.
...holding what else?  A Tim's Card! LOL

Our second project, once again focused on gift giving in the form of a money/ticket holder card.
We used the starburst technique on the front of the card.

Here are two links for the starburst techniques.  These lovely ladies have two different ways of doing it. One is measured and one is willy nilly.  LOL   I went with the willy was FUN!!! 

Happy Stamping!!