Monday, 30 January 2012

Everyday Coasters

I say everyday coasters because those that know me and my stamping know that I have only ever made these for Christmas time.  WHY?
I have no clue!  Just happens that way.  They make a WONDERFUL gift and I have given everyone I know!  :-)  Need a coaster?  I am your gal!

Well, once the holidays were over I realized that we did not have any everyday coasters for our brand spankin' new living room in our brand spankin' new house!!  :-)

SO off to Home Depot I go!
The first year I was stamping I could find packaged (9to a pack) smooth marble tiles.  Loved them.  Since moving I have scoured home hardware stores in the area and can no longer find the smooth tiles.  They no longer come in packages either.  I must search the huge boxes of travertine marble tiles to find ones that have a "bit less character" so that I can make sure I can get most of my image on the tile.
Not my favorite, but they do look very rustic and vintag-y.

Here are my Christmas tiles 2011....
 These first two tiles are from an old batch of tiles I had available.  These were made with the nice smooth tiles. *love*
This set was made with the travertine tiles that I bought in the fall.  Still a nice feel to them.  I just don't find they take the images as cleanly as I would like.

So how do you do it?
1.  Search home hardware stores for tiles to stamp.  I prefer the marble and UNFINISHED/UNGLAZED tiles.
2.  With a damp paper towel or cloth wipe the tiles down to get rid of the dust.  If you are stamping straight away make sure you don't get them TOO wet!
3. Use STAZ-ON ink to stamp an image that you can colour.  Solid images are just going to look like black blobs.  If that is the look you are going for, they strike that last comment! :-)
3.  I prefer the use of chalks to colour my images.  I like the softer feel.  HOWEVER, these Christmas coasters, above, were coloured with SU markers.  I was feelin' wild that day!  ...and experimenting with my Coaster Class gals!!
4.  Once coloured and looking the way you like take them outside or in an open area where you can spray them with a matte or glossy finishing spray.  I prefer the Krylon matte.....NICE! :-)  Let dry 10-15min to be sure they are done.
5. Apply feet.  Felt, plastic, cork....really doesn't matter.  What ever suits you.  What ever is on sale.  For me....what ever is on sale.  :-)
6.  Put in appropriate room.  Go make yourself a nice cuppa tea and try 'em out! ..... Or wrap them in a pretty bow and gift. 

**Make sure that when you are using markers to colour your tiles that you SPRAY them straight away!  I DID NOT do this for these Christmas coasters and if you look closely you can see that they bled a bit.**

*** I have had some stampers (myself included) that have noticed some bleeding with the staz on.  I DO NOT think it is the ink.  I think it is the different type of tiles I am finding and using.  SO...Once you have wiped down the tile, give them a bit of a spray with your sealer and THEN stamp on them, colour and apply a second, longer coat of sealer. Seems to work so far***

Here are my "everyday coasters"...
 My favorite stamp set.....OKAY OKAY, one of my MANY faves!! 
I even used my chalks to edge the coasters this time.  I think I kinda like it.  :-)
If you look a the words on the coaster above you will see what I mean by the staz-on ink "bleeding"  Nothing major...but I am glad that there were for me and not a gift.

Here are some sets of Chritmas coasters that I made up for Xmas 2010.  All wrapped up with holiday ribbon too!  I did put them in gift bags as well to "hide" what they were.  Heavy gifts...people have NO idea what they are getting! :-)

Happy Stamping! 

Monday, 23 January 2012


Hello All!!  

Wanted to touch base with all my stampers (and soon to be stampers!) to keep you up to date on a very important event!


Do you know what this means??

That is right!
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Do you think that is enough?  Stampin' UP! Sure doesn't!!
Like to craft? Like to party? 
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Here is the link to my SU webpage where you can sign up during Sale-a-bration

Does it get any better than this???!!!   I think not!!

SALE-A-BRATION starts January 24, 2012 and runs until March 31, 2012.

Happy Stamping!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

My first craft fair

My son's school hosted their first craft fair at the end of November 2011.
As soon as I heard that they were putting one on, I knew I had to be there!
It was a smaller fair, however considering this was their first year, they had a great turn out.
There was a steady flow of traffic all day.  I ended up packing up early as this craft fair landed on the same day as my son's birthday party!!  Had to get to the bowling party!!!

Here are some samples of what I had on hand.
Can't wait for my next fair.  I know that the school will be doing one again next year.

 This first photo is a box of goodies for the kids.  Snowman Poop, Elf Poop and Reindeer Noses.

 These next photos are of candy cane gift tags.  My Mom showed me this wonderful idea, right from the mini!

 Why, oh why does Blogger upload my photos upside down and sideways???  If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it! 

 These next few shots are of Stocking gift card holders that my upline, Tina told me about.  AWESOME idea!

Inside!  The gift card goes into that little flap in the center.  :-)
Here is the link on how to make them.

 These next photos are of some of the cards that I made to sell.  I made multiples of all the cards (4-6).  Unfortunately I didn't get photos of them all...BOO!!  Enjoy!

 This card had some pearls added to the center ornament for some BLING!

 Dazzling Diamonds help to make these snowflakes sparkle!!

Again, upside down!, but this was the handout that I made for the craft fair.  Calendar of events on the front and business info on the back.  :-)

Here is my table!  Ended up redoing the table a few times throughout the day.  I found that I didn't have a good way to display my cards.  Must keep my eyes out for card racks!  Got a great response from my giveaway, and a lucky winner went home with a $25.00 gift card for Stampin' UP!  Lots of handouts given away, a few sales to boot.  Great experience for my FIRST craft fair! 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Big Top Birthday Quick Accents

This fall I found out about a class that my upline was having and I thought it was a SUPER idea!!
Using Stampin' UP! Quick Accent packs coupled with a pack of 20 note cards and envelopes and you have a quick and easy Stamp-A-Stack.
Great for beginner stampers or even a veteran stamper. Great for someone who loves having a stash of cards on hand to send out in a pinch, or to gather together, wrap in a bow and gift! So versatile and SO fun to make.

The first Quick Accents class that I held was a Christmas class (see previous post).  It was a hit!
I chose to do a birthday theme for the second one.

Here is what I used;

1 pack of Big Top Birthday Quick Accents
1 package of note cards and envelopes
Coordinating ink pads, markers, sponges and colour spritzer
Dazzling Diamonds and 2 way glue pen
Gathered together all my Birthday themed stamp sets for everyone to use.

Here are the results of our class!

Phew, that was some quick stamping!  :-)  Lots of FUN!!

Napkins for cards?? Say it ain't so!

This is another post for my Stamp Club #1.
Our last club for 2011 was in November as the ladies take a break for the holidays.
One of my stampers had requested a certain technique so it made my job a bit easier that month!!  lol

Here are my sample cards...

Here is the one I did as a demo.  So much going on for the front of the card that I saved the holiday greeting for the inside on this one.

Wonderful technique and SO super easy to try! Here is the link;

Let's take a look at the ladies creations...

 Love the "clothesline" that Jand H have in their BRAND NEW craft room!!

 Up close of the cards...

The next photo is of the 3D project for the month.  I used the milk carton Big Shot die and cut 2 out.  Cutting one flap off and piecing them together you get this AWESOMESAUCE gift box!!!   Learn this little ditty at CONVENTION!!  
Then, I have been itchin' to show the ladies how to use their punches for other art.  So VOILA, Christmas decorated gift boxes.  :-)