Monday, 9 July 2012

Thank you Teachers!

This year I already knew what I wanted to give Monsters teachers.  That was a great feeling...even if Pinterest wanted to prove me wrong!  LOL  Way too many gift ideas on there!!!  Oh well, next year!

Monsters first year of school was last year and at the end of the year I gifted his two teachers (they did a split in his class) this little wonder.  Perfect set and I split a pack of the stampin' spots in Brights.  YAY! Never heard a word back from the teachers...not sure if they liked it...but I thought it would come in handy!

So this year I wanted to do the same thing.  I ordered the stamp set (different one this year) in plenty of time.  I was SO proud of myself!  YAY ME!   Well, bonehead here didn't think to order a pack of stampin' spots BEFORE they RETIRED!!!!!   BAH!  So I had to do the unthinkable...I may be kicked out of SU for this (LOL  just kidding!  ...maybe) *looks over shoulder*
I bought another company's ink pad.....AAHHHHHHHHHHH

Still pleased with the gift and I hope she likes it.  :-)

For his teacher and for this two other special people at school I made up a pack of 6 cards and envelopes.  I did an assortment of occasions and included envelopes as well.  
Useful I hope!
So the end of Grade 1 has come and gone.  My baby is no longer a BABY!  (I knew this last year when he started school but my heart keeps hangin' on)  He is off to Grade 2 next year and very excited about a new playground the school is getting.  
For now we shall enjoy the summer vacation and all it has to offer.  He will have fun with friends and enjoy and my heart will keep holding on and praying that I can learn how to stop time, or even just slow it down a bit (pretty please!) so that my baby doesn't grow up so fast!!
*sniff, sniff*
I am off to get a tissue and go hug my Monster.