Monday, 16 July 2012

(was that my outside voice?)  

I admit it.  I love it. I can lose hours of my life to that bleepin' site.
I have folders for everything and way too many things to "accomplish" on there.
I think I will need to add years to my life JUST to get all of them done. 
Yup, I keep going on and adding MORE stuff to my "TO-DO" list!

Well, I had to start getting some of it DONE!
About a month ago I had an A-HA moment.
I was staring at one of my shelves that houses my stamping goodies and I noticed my Decor Elements.
They are ALL retired!  BOO!
I had earned one FREE with Sale-A-Bration in the winter but had never put it up.  It wouldn't fit on my front door as is and I put it aside.
Well, this day I was staring at it and thought....why not cut it up Shallon? 
I whipped out my scissors and got to work!
Why did it take me so long to figure out that simple fact...DON'T ask!  lol
So here the is front door to our new home.
Love it!!  So pleased with myself...but kinda boring, eh?

That is when I when to my Pinterest folder "wreaths".  I love them.  Can't get enough.  I want a wreath for every occasion and if I live long enough perhaps I can use my Pinterest ides to actually make enough!  lol
Summer....what kind of wreath do you make for summertime?
 THIS KIND!!!!!!
I went to the $$store and picked up little girls flip flops. 7 pairs in total.
I used all left feet and a glue gun.  I laid them out on the table in the shape I wanted.  I scuffed up the places where I was going to apply the glue stuck them all together and VOILA!
I added a bit of retired SU ribbon that I had laying around in Pink and a pompom ribbon.  Wrapped that around the wreath and used it to make a "hanger" for the wreath as well. 
I am not worried about it getting wet, or ruined.  It was easy-peasy and cheap!
Here is the front door to our new home NOW!!!!!
Much better! 
Happy soon as we get off Pinterest!