Monday, 30 April 2012

Everyone was full after the CARD BUFFET!!

I hosted my very first Card Buffet on the weekend!
I prepped 16 cards for the ladies coming to stamp.  Phew!  What a week and a half!
I have four lovely stampers come over to stamp a stack of 8 cards (with envelopes) and they had some fun!
We all love to get together create, munch and chat.  It was lovely.
Although 8 were included in the price the ladies were welcome to make as many as they liked and some did do just that.

For this event (and all of them from now until July-ish) I will had my BOGO table all ready to go!
I have gathered all of my retiring product (stamps, paper, ink, embellishments, etc) and priced them up.  When someone places a catalogue order, I let them get a BOGO item of the same price.  YAY!  Stamping goodies for all!
Very pleased that all of my stampers were able to give some of my BOGO product a new home.
If I can no longer use it, I am glad that someone else can!

Here are the cards that I prepped for the Card Buffet;
I tried my best to give them LOTS of variety.  Birthday (male/female), thank you (male/female), Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and a couple of just generic cards that they could stamp with greetings. 
I was very pleased to hear that my stampers were all able to find what they were looking for.  They were also pleases that they all didn't have to do the same ones like other stamp a stacks.  One didn't do any Christmas cards, another made two of the Fathers Day cards, etc.  
Here is the buffet (literally the buffet in my dining room! lol) ready to go!
 The table is all set for the stamping fun.
I gave them each a grid paper, order form (for all those BOGO's!) a class list, and a ticket!!  Door prizes are fun!!!
I had some drinks (hot/cold) a veggie tray and of course whipped up a batch of sugar cookies stamped with the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps!!  LOVE THOSE!
I set up my BOGO table in my craft room.  More room to stamp for us all (and ALL THOSE CARDS!) in the dining room and that left plenty of shopping room in here!  Look at all those goodies!!!! That box on the end (in the left corner) that is FULL of card stock and DSP all bagged up and ready to go! 

So there you have it!  My very first Card Buffet!
I have them scheduled for every month (at the end of the month).  Check out my FACEBOOK PAGE or my STAMPIN' UP! page for details and to RSVP.
Every month I take away 8 of the cards and make 8 new ones to take their place.  That way it always stays FRESH!!  

Happy Stampin'!!