Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Christmas Card Class - Samples

I posted earlier about the Quick Accents Christmas Card Class that I hosted this past Friday night.
I wanted to take some time to post my samples from the card class.
15 of these I did prior to the actual class and the other 5 I did that night with the ladies that attended.

These are my samples but as I mentioned in the earlier post the ladies all had different inspiration and came up with a variety of cards!  I was blown away!!

Enjoy!  Don't forget to order YOUR package of Quick Accents today and get started on your batch of homemade holiday cards for this season.

A group shot.

...and for some reason blogger is uploading my horizontal photos the wrong way!  lol  Oh well!  I will keep them here anyway and hope I can find a way to fix it.  Any suggestions, let me know.  :-)

ooohhhh, even got some upside down action going on!  lol